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  • In short, that’s crap. Just a sketch of a single line of mini comic about SubMas (preLimboMas), while the rest of the ideas are in the work.

    Also, the upper-right corner: "Nobori question. Comics about LimboMas. The idea process" and written in pencil "But your eyes… Have never lied" 

    Прошу, если это видит кто - то из “русских”, которые так же фанатеют от СабМасов как и я, то, пожалуйста, напишите мне. Очень хочу поговорить с такими людьми, может даже отыграть ролевую игру. Спасибо.

  • Delay in the art - life

    - ‘sup guys.
    Yeah, so it turns out that formed a huge break in the work. This is due to study and work at home. I will try soon to draw some limbomas stuff and maybe a little more SCP fan art. Sorry, I really want to be more active. image

  • leaf-submas:


    headcanon of Limbomas >v> while Kudari is still human

    and I can’t sleep

    for people who didn’t know Limbomas , you can look at there original design in Steshsarts

    I’m dying right now 

  • Many times I saw that all who have figures of Nobori and Kudari wrote about it lol .Today I got them and they are so pretty (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • steshsarts:


    - I clipped the roses that you gave me yesterday.


    I tried to make it dramatic, but still looks like a piece of crap ಠ__ಠ. Чёрт. Actually, this is a Leaf’s request.


    also, why all the photos look uglier than in real life?

  • Finally made the vector layer for animation, as this damn program  decided to say “bye, bitch” and has turned off and not saved my job! For what, Jesus?

  • So, I decided to try to make a head-turning animation and the best character for this - Nobori. Well, we all love SubMas, and so I’ll try to make animation as good as possible. Most likely the head will turn to us.

  • steshsarts:


    - All hail Nobori!


    Large size 

  • steshsarts:


    - There are eyes, but is still blind.


    - On the way detailed drawing with limbo!Kudari, and yet here limbo!Nobori